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Late happy birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday and unlike some other years, I didn't really plan much for it besides hanging out in Bath with a collection of my best pals.

In the morning I met my mum in town so we could buy my birthday present: a new TV. The one I have in the living room was nicked from the old house and my brother says he'd like it if I don't need it. Well, I would like a bigger screen, so my mum helped me buy a new one, which is coming tomorrow.

Annoyingly I've been fighting off a cold lately and I wasn't feeling so great and the weather wasn't great, raining on and off, but despite those things, I still had a great day. I don't get to just hang out with my friends much, usually we're meeting up for a convention or event. It's nice to just chill out and Bath is one of my favourite places.

Besides looking round some shops we spent time in the Hobgoblin, our favourite pub, playing games. I haven't laughed so hard in so long.

And as far as presents go, I got some awesome ones.

Matt: A cuddly BB8, so cute! And two albums. The soundtrack to The Man From UNCLE series and an album David McCallum recorded in the 60's which I'm...intrigued about.

Luke: A BBQ travelling case! I'm so taking this to conventions.

Moose: A behind the scenes book on three episodes of Patrick Troughton era Doctor Who. Two of those episodes being my favourites.

Ben: A hammock for my cuddlies and the fourth book of the Dwarves series of which I own the other three (and have read the first)

Pash: A framed picture of one of the Man From UNCLE posters. That's going on my wall as soon as I can find a hook.

So, some awesome stuff.

Overall, it was a good day and I wish we could hang out in Bath more often.
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Don't wake up

On Saturday I got to experience Secret Cinema for the first time. It was amazing!

It's something that's been running for years, but started off as a cinema where you didn't know what you were going to see, but they gave you clues and a role to play, including a costume to wear. When you got there, you experience a part of the film yourself, which can include recreating bits of the movie. And then you see the movie.

However there are some where you know the movie before hand, like with us. Sel had been to a couple, including Star Wars and I've wanted to go since I heard they did Back to the Future. So, when they announced they were doing 28 Days Later we decided to get a big group together. I knew about the film, but hadn't seen I and decided not to watch it before hand so I had no idea what was going to happen.

In the end the group was Sel, Moose, Luke, Wrath and I. We met up before hand and went to the cinema dressed in scrubs, the mandatory costume. We were ushered along into a building under the impression that we were getting a vaccine for the Rage virus. The actors involved play it all for real and there were moments before you enter where soldiers were fighting infected people. It's intense and the venue makes you feel you're entering a real quarantined area.

So, we went inside a warehouse in groups and told we'd be getting a vaccine. You have to drink some weird stuff in a vile that I couldn't bring myself to drink and gave to Wrath. We were then told to lie down on beds in a dark room. While I was lying there I genuinely got sacred. Since I hadn't seen the film I didn't know what to expect. I hoped there weren't going to be any jump scares.

We were 'woken up' by a lady with a torch and told London had fallen to the Rage virus and we had to run for our lives. And that's pretty much what we did. We ran...a lot! Along corridors, up stairs, passed Rage zombies and even into an apartment. It was so atmospheric and the sets were so well put together that you get easily caught up with it and scared.

We were 'saved' by a group of soldiers who split us up into groups. This was where we got to have a break and get a drink. There were places to get food and an area outside to get some air. We were in need of it.

After this we were ushered into a giant room with hundreds of beds laid out with a screen hanging overhead. And this is how we watched the movie; lying down looking up at the ceiling. It was awesome! A little chilly, which was fine as I'd brought a coat along and had been running around with it on.

The movie itself was pretty good and a lot of what I'd just seen and experienced suddenly made sense. It wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be, but certainly gory in parts. I'd like to see the sequel 28 Weeks Later.

That was the end. Nothing afterwards, just out into the sunshine.

I'd highly recommended it. I would so do it again, depending on the next movie choice. We were discussing what we'd like to see them do, and Luke said Jurassic Park. I would so be up for that, but we'll see.
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Where I lay my many hats...

Yeah, I really let BEDA go. It's really hard to find something to write about every day.

Pretty much all I have to talk about is sorting out my house at the moment, because that's pretty much all I've been doing lately. That and working.

I'm starting to make some real head way on it.

Kitchen: Done pretty much, except I need to pick up a couple more things from my old house, like a few more pans. I also want to get a little table because even though the kitchen is fairly big there aren't that many work surfaces.

Living room: Looking good. I have some pictures on my wall and it's tidy. I also have an Amazon Fire Stick which I'm using in place of TV because I can't seem to get Freeview tuned on my TV and I barely watch it anyway. With the Fire Stick I can watch the MFU episodes I bought on Amazon Instant Video on the TV. Finally! Why did I not buy one sooner?

Bedroom: Tidy! Finally! It's actually looking nice, though how long that'll last...
I have a few things on my walls too. Just need to get some curtains. I don't like having blinds.

Spare Room: Filled with sofa toys, just piled up taking over most of the floor space. I have a little hammock, but that won't hold many. I need to find proper places for them. I already have them on the stairs, bed, desk and bookcases. Apart from that it's looking nice with my desk set up and a book case.

All in all, it's starting to look and feel like home.
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I'm on my way

I walked to work today.

Well, it's the first time in three and a half years. It took around 25 minutes, which isn't bad, especially getting to work, but it's not much fun walking home. Not when you've been on your feet all day and you just want to get home and have dinner.

Still, it's a good, easy walk and I've started listening to my old Doctor Who audios. I stopped listening to these back in 2012 and haven't listened to them since. But each story is made up for 4 episodes, each 25 minutes long. How convenient. Listen to one on the way to work and one on the way back and in two days the whole story is done. If I get back into listening to them regularly, I might buy some new ones.

However, I can't walk to work ever day. When I have choir I'll need to drive to Corsham from work or to Calne. But that's good, because while it's good exercise, I don't think I'll want to walk every day.
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Eddie the Eagle

Mother and I went to the cinema today to see Eddie the Eagle. I don't go to the cinema much with my mum, mostly because we rarely want to see the same films, but also we don't usually have the time. But my mum has this two for one cinema tickets thing and we both wanted to see this film.

I will admit, I'd never heard of Eddie the Eagle before I heard about this movie, but the trailer made it look funny and it's got Hugh Jackman in, which is a win in my book.

My thoughts: I really liked it. In many ways I'm glad I didn't know the story, because then I would have known roughly how it ended, but I didn't, which made it more tense. It did have some of the cliches you'd find in a typical underdog movies, but they were fairly underplayed an easy to see past.

I did really like Eddie, he had just such determination and spirit. And I love the overall message of the film too. I'd certainly recommend seeing it.

Also Hugh Jackman was hot.
Face palm

I have internet now!

So this morning the Sky guy came round to fix my 8am. I don't like getting up any time before 9 on my day off so I wasn't too happy. However, that's not the important part, I have internet now! Though, the problem seemed so simple that I feel they should have explained it better over the phone to me and I could have done it myself. I could have been connected all this time.

Never mind, it's done and I'm happy. I've been spending the day unpacking various things and getting the spare room in order. I can start using it as a study. I have a desk in there and a little laptop I've been using to writing my novel, so I can finally sit at a proper desk and write. Just need some decoration on the desk now.

Apart from that I've been uploading some old Doctor Who audios on to my phone. It's been years since I've listened to any and I want to try listening to them on the way to work now I can walk it. (Though I haven't yet) I used to love these back when I worked at the factory and some of them I can barely remember what happened in.

Tomorrow I get my washing machine plumbed in and my front door sorted...hopefully.
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Day two in the new house

Still using my phone to post.

So, this has been my first full day in the house and I've spent most of it at work. Even though I can walk to work, I drove today because I still don't know how long it'll take. I can't get into the habit of driving though. I need the exercise.

As far as unpacking goes, I now have my bookcase full, which is important and one of my DVD shelves. Though, I think I've made more of a mess while doing it.

Not much else to tell apart from I can't wait to get the Internet sorted. I don't have much data to use and I need to save it. Though I am enjoying my rewatch of Horrible Histories.
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Moving in!

Today i moved house.

That's right, after nearly 10 years living in Calne i have flown the coup and am now in Chippenham.

I hired a van to move the big stuff which i drove myself. So weird. I was nervous at first but got the hang of it fairly quickly and it was pretty fun.

I managed to wrangle up some helpers including my mum, dad, Matt and Marek. It only took two trips, thankfully and nothing was broken. Huzzah! But i am now living out of boxes.

Also I'm having issues with my internet, so I'm currently writing on my phone. Hopefully it can be sorted on Tues.

And now im tired.

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

As part of my reading challenge I have finished number 2: A book you can read in a day. And here's my video review of it.

Short version, I liked the way the story/mystery was revealed and the way it was explained. While I knew of the character and his duel personality I never actually knew the plot of the story. Or that it was mostly from the point of view of Mr Utterman, but that worked very well. Good little novella.

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What's television land got to offer?

I'm compiling a list of TV shows I need to either finish or start watching. Thanks to my obsession with TMFU, Ive been very...single minded with what I watch. If it doesn't have David McCallum in I won't watch it. I know, bad, but that's how my mind works.

However, I'm starting to think about other shows I'd like to watch and checking out Netflix I realised there's a few I'd like to watch, which would justify my subscription. Not all the shows I want to finish/start are on Netflix, but I'll find them.

These shows include:

Hustle (Which is on Netflix...and has Robert Vaughan in.)
Jessica Jones (I didn't finish Daredevil, but this might be more my thing)
Steven Universe (This I need to continue. I'm on to the second series)
Ab Fab (This I want to rewatch, because it's on Netflix and I haven't seen it in AGES)
NCIS (I still need my DM fix. Only 10 more seasons to go!)
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (I still need to watch the last two episodes of the second series)
Agent Carter (I enjoyed the first series and need to start the second)

And of course, I still need to watch the last episode of The Man from UNCLE plus their reunion episode from the 80's. It's weird that I've been watching it since sept last year and I haven't finished it.

So yeah, lot's to get through.

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