Death of rats

First post of the year

I said goodbye to 2016, now I have to say hello to 2017. And how did I do that? Sitting on a park bench in Bath with my boyfriend waiting for the fireworks to go off...somewhere and listening to a couple argue. It was...different.

We also saw Rogue One that night and while Matt is a Star Wars nut and loved it, I thought it was okay. Had some cool action and characters, but I didn't get into it in the same way he did.

Anyway, last week Matt and I went to London for the day to go to the London Dungeons. Something we've been trying to arrange for a while and finally got the time to do it (also the tickets he bought would expire this month)

I'd never been before and wondered if it was going to be too scary for me, as I'm not a fan of haunted houses usually. However, I really enjoyed it.

It's an interactive tour that takes you through the horrible, bloody history of London, starting with Henry the Eighth, on to the gunpowder plot, though the plague, the fire of London, Sweeney Todd and ending with Jack the Ripper. Each section has characters telling you about the terrifying things Londoners had to endure. Some of it I already knew as I do enjoy English history (and I love Horrible Histories)

There's a little boat ride that is so dark you can barely see anything and 'pus' that rains down on you. It's very atmospheric, but only two moments scared me. The bit with Sweeney Todd that was mostly in the dark and the flashing figure of Jack the Ripper in a bar.

The tour ended with a drop ride that I didn't want to do and was able to skip. We finished up in a bar where we got a free drink.

Overall, it was fun experience and I'm so glad we got to do it.

Afterwards we explored London a little, taking pictures of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and spending a fair bit of time in Hamley's the giant toy store. There were SO MANY floors, including a basement dedicated to Star Wars and a Build-a-Bear. We followed that up with a visit to the Disney store where I bought a cuddly Dumbo because it was too cute to resist.

I do love a day out in London and it's a shame I can't spend more time there...though if I did I have no money.
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