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Goodbye 2016

In the wider world, 2016 was certainly eventful and will certainly be remembered for some big things happening, though very few positive: President Trump, Brexit and all the celebrity deaths. But in my own little world, this have been a pretty good year. No one in my family died and there have been a few big changes. So, here's my big fat end of year post.


* Saw the New Year in on a hill in Bristol as normal with a group of friends. We spent the last few hours playing games.
* At the end of January Sel, Moose, Luke and I went to Disneyland Paris for a week, which was the longest I'd been there and it was awesome.
* I officially started dating Matt and it's been slow going and hard work, but we've getting there and we've had a fun first year together.
* Matt and I ventured down Wookie Hole Caves on a wet, deserted day. Would have been better if there hadn't been NOWHERE to eat in Shepton Mallet past 3pm.
* For Luke's Birthday we went to Bristol Zoo to stare at the animals.
* Helped out at the Beer Festival as usual and Matt came alone.
* At the end of April I got to experience Secret Cinema with a showing of 28 Days Later and the pissing fear of being chased around a claustrophobic environment by zombies. It was brilliant!
* I MOVED HOUSE! Finally got out of Calne and now live just a few miles down the road in Chippenham.


* I didn't do much for my birthday this year, just met up with a group of friends in Bath to hang out.
* May Expo this year was really good. Stayed in an apartment and I dressed as a Steampunk pirate. A costume I need to work more on.
* Walked among the trees at Westonbirt Arboretum on a nice sunny day with Matt
* Took Matt down to Weston Supa Mere, a place renowned for it's lack of sea (Matt was not aware of this)
* A large group of us gathered for Ben's birthday at his house. Much food and game playing happened.
* For Sel's birthday we met up in London to play games in an awesome pub. Many games.
* Matt surprised me with a trip to London and a tour around Madame Tussauds. Awesome day.
* I attended Amecon for the first time and it was fun! Lots of hunting for Pokemon around Warwick Uni.
* Went to the Roman Baths in the evening to see all the torches lit up. It was beautiful.
* Went to Bristol Comic Con for a few hours with Sarah and Matt. That was about as long as we needed.


* Took a trip up north to Yorkshire with a group of friends for the week. A beautiful county I wish I lived closer to.
* Matt and I went to Air Hop in Cribs for some bouncing around. It was VERY tiring, but fun.
* Matt and I went to Bristol Zoo. He'd never been to a zoo before...WTF.
* Oct London Expo was fun as always and my Hogfather costume was a hit. Just hope everyone liked their cra- lovely gifts. :D
* In Oct my new baby cousin was born! Cute little phoebe. <3
* Matt and I went to see the Circus of Horrors! Creepy, funny show.
* Around Christmas I went to Bath a lot, either to check out the market or to go Ice Skating. Still my favourite city.

Christmas this year was a bit of a disappointment as everyone had a cold, including myself, Matt and Mother. Also my brother wasn't there, so it's been weird. Also, having to work around the holidays makes it less enjoyable.

Still, I have a few reselutions for next year and the main one is to find a new job. That is my primary focus and I WILL achieve it.

So, Have a happy start to the year everyone!
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