Yorkshire Holiday Part One

Last week a group of friends and myself travelled (imitating northern accent) 'up north' for a week long holiday in Yorkshire. More specifically we stayed in a house on a farm just outside of Guisborough. It was an awesome little week away, which I'm going to describe in probably two parts to do it justice.


Foolishly, I was the only one who chose to drive up to Yorkshire while everyone else flew up. They were all taking an early flight, so I thought I'd start early to get there at roughly the same time. I woke up at 4:30am and set off at 5am, into the darkness. The drive was along. So long in fact that I took two breaks, one to stop for breakfast and the other just because I was afraid I'd fall asleep at the wheel if I didn't.
To my amusement, the weather actually got nicer the further north I went.

I met up with my friends (Pash, Sel, Luke, Joe, DC, Moose) in Whitby and we got some food in a local Whetherspoons. Beccause we'd all been up early we pretty much just wanted to get to our accommodation, which as I said was on a farm.

The house was probably one of the best places I've stayed on holiday. It had a games room with a pool table, ping pong table, foosball and dart board. We spent a fair bit of time in there on the first day. And the rest of the house was so comfortable. We had an uneven number of people so I got my own room in the attic. I slept amazingly well.


The intention of Sunday was to relax and head down to the nearest beach, which was Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day as they were hosting a vintage car rally. While this would have been cool to attend, there was no where to park so we moved on to a place called Skinningrove, which was pretty much just a beach. Luckily, we had very sunny weather so we had a nice walk along the beach. There really wasn't anything else to do there. It didn't even have anywhere to eat so we ended up driving around a bit, stopping at a pub that was full (yeah Sunday lunch time, not a good time to get a table). We ended up back in Whitby for food in a Fish and Chip place. Surprisingly, we all had fish (mine was tuna, still counts!)


This was our first full day out and one of the places we all really wanted to go to was Beamish Museum which is like a replica town of the 1940's, early 1900's and Victorian times. You catch a tram that takes you to the different areas. It was one of my favourite places. There were shops that both sold and displayed a lot of old products. We watched sweets being made and tasted Saspirilla. It was...all right. Tasted like medicine after a while.

Along from there was a farm with a giant pig which we couldn't see and a warehouse full of old collections. The last place we came to was the mining village with a small mine we went down. It was wet and cramped, just as you'd expect.

We were there all day, and it took more or less an hour to get there so it was the only thing we did that day, but it was one of my favourite places and I'd happily visit again.


Sticking with a similar period, we headed over to Eden Camp, an ex POW camp which is now a Modern History Theme Museum. The set up was really cool. You go from one hut to the next and inside each one is a different exhibit telling you things about the second world war, how it began, what life was like and some parts were quite immersive. For example one hut was just a recreation of the inside of a submarine, with atmospheric sounds and buttons to (not) press.

There were around 30 huts and it took pretty much the whole day to get around all of them, with all of us going at different paces. Though, to really take it all in you'd need to spend a couple of days. There was just so much information. I mostly enjoyed the presentation and recreated sets. Like the insides of houses and the POW bunks.

On top of that, the weather was really hot. I know September can still be warm, but I was amazed how fortunate we were with the weather. It was properly HOT! And we had our fair share of wasp problems. Seriously, spent most of the summer seeing hardly one and yet were pestered almost daily by the buggers in Yorkshire. Maybe they fly north for winter...which would make no sense.

I shall continue the rest of the adventure later.
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