Bit of a late update, but a couple of weeks ago I went to Amecon, an amime convention held at Warwick University. I'd never been to this con before and I hadn't heard great things about it from people I knew who had, but I have been to Warwick University for other conventions and I know it's a great campus. So, Sel, Luke, Moose and I decided to take the plunge and check it out.

We were there Thursday night to Monday. I drove Sel and myself down in the evening which was fine until we were 15 minutes away and all roads we needed to go were closed. We were perpetually 15 mins from our destination.

We were all staying in the halls, though we weren't all in the same block. I booked the cheapest room which just had the basics, but then I spent so little time there it didn't matter.

Here are the highlights as I don't remember too well when things happened.

* We attended many panels, including Top 50 Anime Cats, Anime Fight scenes, Gambling in Anime and the History of Animation.

* There was a pub quiz Friday night, which had a variety of themed rounds including Games, TV, Movies and Old Scool stuff. I don't know how well we did, but there was some dispute over a Final Fantasy question.

* When we had free time we spent a fair bit of it playing Pokemon Go. Yeap, we're all playing it and we searched around the beautiful campus for those little monsters. We don't usually see much of the campus, but this gave us the excuse to explore and it's such a nice campus.

* One night we were so disappointed by the laser tag area they'd set up that we just played pool for a while. I am not very good at pool, but it was more fun than standing around firing a laser at someone two feet away from you. Seriously, they should have had either more space or less people playing.

* Around midnight on Saturday night we found ourselves partaking in a game of glow stick hoop throwing. It was so random but a perfect example of how fun and unpredictable these conventions can be. It was literally just throwing hooped glow sticks around, but it was so much fun. Though I did get hit in the face with one...thanks Archer!

* On Sunday night we attended the formal ball, dressed in our very best. I went in corset and skirt, which is pretty much my only formal look. While it was beautifully set up, I always feel a little out of place at these things, but I guy did ask me to dance. That was awkward but hey, nice to be asked.

* After the ball we danced to cheesy pop music until 1am. It's very old school disco style, but it's way better than a night club.

Overall, it was a great weekend, spent with some awesome people doing awesome things and draining my battery to find those pesky Pocket Monsters.

Next Summer it's Kitacon...at WARWICK UNI!!! We screamed happily when that was announced.
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