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Madame London

Matt tried to surprise me with a trip on Tuesday. He needs to work on his surprises a little, because before hand he kept asking me if I wanted to know and he was happy to tell me if I wanted. NO! That's the whole point of it being a surprise! I don't want to know!

However, he was able to keep it until we got to Baker Street and I worked it out we were going to Madame Tussauds. I'd never been before, but we'd talked about going. For those that don't know it's a wax museum in London and it's freaking amazing. The exhibits change a lot, so even Matt who had been before saw things he hadn't seen.

Before we got there we made a slight detour to Waterloo Station because they have a giant Marshmellow man coming out of the ground and I really wanted to see it. Here's a comparison picture.

At the museum they had whole sections dedicated to different people; sports stars, singers, historical, actors, Star Wars and my favourite Marvel. There was even a cute 4D Avengers cartoon to watch, was pretty cool.

On top of that there was a Sherlock Holmes interactive experience which was basically characters directing you from one set to another. Very good sets, but not much else. You were supposed to solve a mystery. I think I worked it out, but I think you had to know the books or at least one of the books to work it out.

And there was a train which took you through the history of London.

All in all, it was awesome. Matt sure did good on that one. However, it was only mid afternoon when we got out so we got food and wondered around London, including through Hyde Park and passed Buckingham Palace. All the while I was trying to catch Pokemon. Yes, I'm playing that too and it's addictive.

It was such a fun day with very hot weather. Next time we visit London it'll be for the London Dungeons. Can't wait.
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