London Comic Con

Last weekend was London Comic Con (Or Expo as I will always call it) and it was probably one of the best I've attended. At least in the last few years. Though I've always maintained that even the worst have highlights and I've never had a truly horrible one.

Anyway, this year my friends and I were staying in an apartment a few stops down from the event, which was easier cramming everyone in to one hotel room like we usually do and this one allowed 4 people in...even if they didn't accommodate for 4 people. I still had to sleep on the floor on sofa cushions as my airbed has a puncture, but surprisingly, I sleep well, so I can't complain. (Also free parking as I parked up at a friends house.)
It also allowed us to spend our evenings hanging out playing games such as Codenames and Spyfall. Both highly enjoyable and frustrating.

So, as for the convention itself, Friday was the casual look around day, which is good as it's also the quietest day. I spent most of my money on this day with some earrings and 3 cuddly toys including R2D2, Jack Skelington and Groot.
I also sat in on a panel where the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison was talking about his time as The Doctor. I asked a question about how he got into the Big Finish audios. First time I'd ever got up to ask a question.

(I'm wearing the MFU t-shirt Sel got me for my birthday which I'd just received)

Saturday was important for two reasons. It was the debut of my steampunk pirate costume, which was supposed to be Airship Pirate, but it was a last minute idea and the emphasis was clearly more on the pirate then the airship, but it still worked.

The other important thing was meeting Aidan Turner!
For some reason they had the original cast of Being Human there where they attended a panel and signed autographs. Now, Aidan Turner is one of my favourite actors and I knew if I didn't meet him I would regret it forever, so I bought my ticket, queued up and fought the butterflies in my stomach. He was lovely and he liked my outfit. It was the highlight of the show. However, I do regret not getting a photo. It wouldn't have cost much more. Oh well, I have the picture which is going up on the wall.

I also attended the panel where they talked about the show and another panel with some of the cast of Agents of SHIELD. They had to be careful not to talk about spoilers as the finale of the third series hasn't aired yet...(I have seen it, but Sel and Moose hadn't) They were good and didn't spoil anything.

Sunday was the day my boyfriend came down, so I spent most of the day with him. He took pictures of my costume, we walked around, checked out a preview for The preacher and hung out with my friends at the apartment.

And Monday we came home after eating breakfast at Whetherspoons. Sel and I drove back through London together and thanks to her excellent navigating skills and the lack of bad traffic we escaped with no troubles.

In summary, it was an awesome weekend and I miss it. But I have Oct to look forwards to and I can't wait for that. I have a costume idea I've been waiting since last Oct to wear.

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