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First post of the year

I said goodbye to 2016, now I have to say hello to 2017. And how did I do that? Sitting on a park bench in Bath with my boyfriend waiting for the fireworks to go off...somewhere and listening to a couple argue. It was...different.

We also saw Rogue One that night and while Matt is a Star Wars nut and loved it, I thought it was okay. Had some cool action and characters, but I didn't get into it in the same way he did.

Anyway, last week Matt and I went to London for the day to go to the London Dungeons. Something we've been trying to arrange for a while and finally got the time to do it (also the tickets he bought would expire this month)

I'd never been before and wondered if it was going to be too scary for me, as I'm not a fan of haunted houses usually. However, I really enjoyed it.

It's an interactive tour that takes you through the horrible, bloody history of London, starting with Henry the Eighth, on to the gunpowder plot, though the plague, the fire of London, Sweeney Todd and ending with Jack the Ripper. Each section has characters telling you about the terrifying things Londoners had to endure. Some of it I already knew as I do enjoy English history (and I love Horrible Histories)

There's a little boat ride that is so dark you can barely see anything and 'pus' that rains down on you. It's very atmospheric, but only two moments scared me. The bit with Sweeney Todd that was mostly in the dark and the flashing figure of Jack the Ripper in a bar.

The tour ended with a drop ride that I didn't want to do and was able to skip. We finished up in a bar where we got a free drink.

Overall, it was fun experience and I'm so glad we got to do it.

Afterwards we explored London a little, taking pictures of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and spending a fair bit of time in Hamley's the giant toy store. There were SO MANY floors, including a basement dedicated to Star Wars and a Build-a-Bear. We followed that up with a visit to the Disney store where I bought a cuddly Dumbo because it was too cute to resist.

I do love a day out in London and it's a shame I can't spend more time there...though if I did I have no money.
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Goodbye 2016

In the wider world, 2016 was certainly eventful and will certainly be remembered for some big things happening, though very few positive: President Trump, Brexit and all the celebrity deaths. But in my own little world, this have been a pretty good year. No one in my family died and there have been a few big changes. So, here's my big fat end of year post.


* Saw the New Year in on a hill in Bristol as normal with a group of friends. We spent the last few hours playing games.
* At the end of January Sel, Moose, Luke and I went to Disneyland Paris for a week, which was the longest I'd been there and it was awesome.
* I officially started dating Matt and it's been slow going and hard work, but we've getting there and we've had a fun first year together.
* Matt and I ventured down Wookie Hole Caves on a wet, deserted day. Would have been better if there hadn't been NOWHERE to eat in Shepton Mallet past 3pm.
* For Luke's Birthday we went to Bristol Zoo to stare at the animals.
* Helped out at the Beer Festival as usual and Matt came alone.
* At the end of April I got to experience Secret Cinema with a showing of 28 Days Later and the pissing fear of being chased around a claustrophobic environment by zombies. It was brilliant!
* I MOVED HOUSE! Finally got out of Calne and now live just a few miles down the road in Chippenham.


* I didn't do much for my birthday this year, just met up with a group of friends in Bath to hang out.
* May Expo this year was really good. Stayed in an apartment and I dressed as a Steampunk pirate. A costume I need to work more on.
* Walked among the trees at Westonbirt Arboretum on a nice sunny day with Matt
* Took Matt down to Weston Supa Mere, a place renowned for it's lack of sea (Matt was not aware of this)
* A large group of us gathered for Ben's birthday at his house. Much food and game playing happened.
* For Sel's birthday we met up in London to play games in an awesome pub. Many games.
* Matt surprised me with a trip to London and a tour around Madame Tussauds. Awesome day.
* I attended Amecon for the first time and it was fun! Lots of hunting for Pokemon around Warwick Uni.
* Went to the Roman Baths in the evening to see all the torches lit up. It was beautiful.
* Went to Bristol Comic Con for a few hours with Sarah and Matt. That was about as long as we needed.


* Took a trip up north to Yorkshire with a group of friends for the week. A beautiful county I wish I lived closer to.
* Matt and I went to Air Hop in Cribs for some bouncing around. It was VERY tiring, but fun.
* Matt and I went to Bristol Zoo. He'd never been to a zoo before...WTF.
* Oct London Expo was fun as always and my Hogfather costume was a hit. Just hope everyone liked their cra- lovely gifts. :D
* In Oct my new baby cousin was born! Cute little phoebe. <3
* Matt and I went to see the Circus of Horrors! Creepy, funny show.
* Around Christmas I went to Bath a lot, either to check out the market or to go Ice Skating. Still my favourite city.

Christmas this year was a bit of a disappointment as everyone had a cold, including myself, Matt and Mother. Also my brother wasn't there, so it's been weird. Also, having to work around the holidays makes it less enjoyable.

Still, I have a few reselutions for next year and the main one is to find a new job. That is my primary focus and I WILL achieve it.

So, Have a happy start to the year everyone!
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Death of rats

London Oct Expo 2016

Another London Expo has come and gone and this one was really good.

I feel more went on this year than previous ones in terms of socialising. We started off the weekend on Thursday night with dinner at Bodeans, Tower Hill. I'd been there before and it serves some nice food, though their service wasn't great. We had to wait nearly an hour for our starters (which I didn't order) and didn't eat our main until close to 11pm. On the plus side they gave us a free round of drinks. Can't complain.

We've given up staying in hotels now and instead opted for Air B&B which turned out to be the best idea ever. We were staying in an apartment 5 mins walk from the Excel centre and it was self catering so we had a kitchen, dinning room table and two sofas, so I didn't have to sleep on the floor. We're hoping to get if for May next year and even prepare food for the day, since food is so expensive in and around the convention.

On Friday I tried out my new cosplay: The Hogfather, or Death dressed as the Hogfather. I had a sack full of cheap little presents, mostly random crap I'd found in the Pound Shop and Wilkos, which I gave out to anyone who recognised my costume. It went down well, although it is so hot. I was bathing in a latex head filled with my own sweat, but it was worth it. I made the cloak myself, which I'm particularly proud of.

On Friday night we just hung out at the apartment eating take-out, but on Saturday night we'd been invited to a dinner at the 02 arena. To get there you can take the sky lift which carries you over the river. I'd never been on it before and I was pretty scared. You get some incredible views from it, but I was still shaking most of the way. I'm glad I tried it though.

The dinner was at a harvesters and was nice, but it turned into an engagement party as a friend of ours got proposed to. We suspected that would happen and I'm really happy for her. Congratulations Mooney!

The Sunday was another day in costume, only this time I had Matt to guide me around, which was a lot easier. I even met a Santa and a Susan, which was pretty cool.

We also attended a panel with 3 members of Red Dwarf. It was sadly only 30 mins, but it was really cool. RD is one of my favourite comedies ever and I'm enjoying the new series.

In the evening we travelled to Canary Wharf and watched Doctor Strange at the cinema. It was really good, I enjoyed it much more than I thought. Very trippy, but beautifully shot. We ran for the train on the way back even though we didn't have to and for back after midnight, which was our latest night.

And Monday was just about coming home after breakfast at a cafe opposite the apartment.

It was certainly one of the better expos I've been to with so much going on, an enjoyable costume and some great people to hang out with.

Bring on May next year!
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Yorkshire Part Two

And I return to tell you the second half of my Yorkshire adventure!

So, seeing how we were in Yorkshire we decided to check out a few things in York. The first being The Railway Museum, which was free, though they encourage a donation. It was in essence a giant warehouse/room filled with trains, which sounds like my dad's idea of heaven. There were a far variety, including an ambulance train, The Mallard (Fastest steam train) and a replica of The Rocket.
They also had some behind the scenes type stuff that was interesting.

Our next stop was the York Cold War Bunker. I've never shown too much interest in the cold war, but this I did find very interesting. It's owned by the English Heritage and they do guided tours of the bunker. No areas are off limit and they explain that the bunker was meant to house 60 people in the event of a nuclear bomb explosion where they would pinpoint using computers and comuniations with other bunkers where the bomb had struck. It only closed in the early 90's.

Afterwards we headed into the city centre (after driving around a bit to get the cheapest parking) for food in a place called The Vault. Good food.
After that we just kinda wondered around York, which I have to say is a city I'm sad I don't live closer to. It's got some wonderful little shops, down cobbled streets with a huge impressive cathedral. Sadly, we arrived to late to go in. We did walk around the gardens which were also really nice. This was the day we stayed out the longest, but it's a shame we weren't there earlier in the day, I could have happily spent a whole day looking around the shops and seeing the sights.


Flamingo Land! A theme park I went to when I was a kid, but have very little memory off. This was the only day we split up, because Pash, Joe and DC wanted to go back to York. To be honest, I wanted to go both, even though I'm not a huge fan of theme parks (apart from Disney) but I went a long to see what it was like.
I didn't go on a single ride. Which normally would mean I wasted my money, but we got the tickets half price and there were some animal shows which I really enjoyed, including sea lions and birds. Both were amazing. Plus there were other animals to look at and I took some pretty cool photos of my friends on rides. Looking back I do wish I'd gone on the log flume ride, but never mind. It was still a fun day out.

In the evening we did a Roleplay. Originally we planned to do two, but we didn't have time so we settled on just doing Joes, which was set in New Orleans in the 30's. I played Birdie Bodean, a sassy singer in a speakeasy. It was a lot of fun, but we had to finish it the following day.


Our last day. We didn't want to go too far as everyone else had very early starts the next day and the weather was pretty horrible, so we once again drove down to Saltburn by the sea and spent a far bit of time in the arcade winning tickets. We won a LOT of tickets between the 7 of us. As a memento of our trip we used the tickets to buy a squishy pool ball each and some plastic "Handsome Men" which looked like cheap Power Ranger knock offs.
We walked alone the pier and back, skipped stones on the beach and rode the cliff lift. Honestly, it was one of my favourite parts of the holiday. The weather even brightened up a bit.

Sadly we had to spend the evening tidying up the house, ready for everyone to leave at 3am the following morning. Not kidding, that was when their plane left. Since I drove I could leave whenever I wanted, but I didn't want to hang about, so I woke up at 7:30am and headed out straight away. I even popped into York quickly to pick up some souvenirs and look around one last time. I got home at 3pm and fell asleep.

Overall, it was a great holiday to a wonderful county that I would gladly visit again. Great accommodation, great company and great times. But next time, unless I have company, I think I'll fly.
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Yorkshire Holiday Part One

Last week a group of friends and myself travelled (imitating northern accent) 'up north' for a week long holiday in Yorkshire. More specifically we stayed in a house on a farm just outside of Guisborough. It was an awesome little week away, which I'm going to describe in probably two parts to do it justice.


Foolishly, I was the only one who chose to drive up to Yorkshire while everyone else flew up. They were all taking an early flight, so I thought I'd start early to get there at roughly the same time. I woke up at 4:30am and set off at 5am, into the darkness. The drive was along. So long in fact that I took two breaks, one to stop for breakfast and the other just because I was afraid I'd fall asleep at the wheel if I didn't.
To my amusement, the weather actually got nicer the further north I went.

I met up with my friends (Pash, Sel, Luke, Joe, DC, Moose) in Whitby and we got some food in a local Whetherspoons. Beccause we'd all been up early we pretty much just wanted to get to our accommodation, which as I said was on a farm.

The house was probably one of the best places I've stayed on holiday. It had a games room with a pool table, ping pong table, foosball and dart board. We spent a fair bit of time in there on the first day. And the rest of the house was so comfortable. We had an uneven number of people so I got my own room in the attic. I slept amazingly well.


The intention of Sunday was to relax and head down to the nearest beach, which was Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day as they were hosting a vintage car rally. While this would have been cool to attend, there was no where to park so we moved on to a place called Skinningrove, which was pretty much just a beach. Luckily, we had very sunny weather so we had a nice walk along the beach. There really wasn't anything else to do there. It didn't even have anywhere to eat so we ended up driving around a bit, stopping at a pub that was full (yeah Sunday lunch time, not a good time to get a table). We ended up back in Whitby for food in a Fish and Chip place. Surprisingly, we all had fish (mine was tuna, still counts!)


This was our first full day out and one of the places we all really wanted to go to was Beamish Museum which is like a replica town of the 1940's, early 1900's and Victorian times. You catch a tram that takes you to the different areas. It was one of my favourite places. There were shops that both sold and displayed a lot of old products. We watched sweets being made and tasted Saspirilla. It was...all right. Tasted like medicine after a while.

Along from there was a farm with a giant pig which we couldn't see and a warehouse full of old collections. The last place we came to was the mining village with a small mine we went down. It was wet and cramped, just as you'd expect.

We were there all day, and it took more or less an hour to get there so it was the only thing we did that day, but it was one of my favourite places and I'd happily visit again.


Sticking with a similar period, we headed over to Eden Camp, an ex POW camp which is now a Modern History Theme Museum. The set up was really cool. You go from one hut to the next and inside each one is a different exhibit telling you things about the second world war, how it began, what life was like and some parts were quite immersive. For example one hut was just a recreation of the inside of a submarine, with atmospheric sounds and buttons to (not) press.

There were around 30 huts and it took pretty much the whole day to get around all of them, with all of us going at different paces. Though, to really take it all in you'd need to spend a couple of days. There was just so much information. I mostly enjoyed the presentation and recreated sets. Like the insides of houses and the POW bunks.

On top of that, the weather was really hot. I know September can still be warm, but I was amazed how fortunate we were with the weather. It was properly HOT! And we had our fair share of wasp problems. Seriously, spent most of the summer seeing hardly one and yet were pestered almost daily by the buggers in Yorkshire. Maybe they fly north for winter...which would make no sense.

I shall continue the rest of the adventure later.
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Bit of a late update, but a couple of weeks ago I went to Amecon, an amime convention held at Warwick University. I'd never been to this con before and I hadn't heard great things about it from people I knew who had, but I have been to Warwick University for other conventions and I know it's a great campus. So, Sel, Luke, Moose and I decided to take the plunge and check it out.

We were there Thursday night to Monday. I drove Sel and myself down in the evening which was fine until we were 15 minutes away and all roads we needed to go were closed. We were perpetually 15 mins from our destination.

We were all staying in the halls, though we weren't all in the same block. I booked the cheapest room which just had the basics, but then I spent so little time there it didn't matter.

Here are the highlights as I don't remember too well when things happened.

* We attended many panels, including Top 50 Anime Cats, Anime Fight scenes, Gambling in Anime and the History of Animation.

* There was a pub quiz Friday night, which had a variety of themed rounds including Games, TV, Movies and Old Scool stuff. I don't know how well we did, but there was some dispute over a Final Fantasy question.

* When we had free time we spent a fair bit of it playing Pokemon Go. Yeap, we're all playing it and we searched around the beautiful campus for those little monsters. We don't usually see much of the campus, but this gave us the excuse to explore and it's such a nice campus.

* One night we were so disappointed by the laser tag area they'd set up that we just played pool for a while. I am not very good at pool, but it was more fun than standing around firing a laser at someone two feet away from you. Seriously, they should have had either more space or less people playing.

* Around midnight on Saturday night we found ourselves partaking in a game of glow stick hoop throwing. It was so random but a perfect example of how fun and unpredictable these conventions can be. It was literally just throwing hooped glow sticks around, but it was so much fun. Though I did get hit in the face with one...thanks Archer!

* On Sunday night we attended the formal ball, dressed in our very best. I went in corset and skirt, which is pretty much my only formal look. While it was beautifully set up, I always feel a little out of place at these things, but I guy did ask me to dance. That was awkward but hey, nice to be asked.

* After the ball we danced to cheesy pop music until 1am. It's very old school disco style, but it's way better than a night club.

Overall, it was a great weekend, spent with some awesome people doing awesome things and draining my battery to find those pesky Pocket Monsters.

Next Summer it's WARWICK UNI!!! We screamed happily when that was announced.
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Madame London

Matt tried to surprise me with a trip on Tuesday. He needs to work on his surprises a little, because before hand he kept asking me if I wanted to know and he was happy to tell me if I wanted. NO! That's the whole point of it being a surprise! I don't want to know!

However, he was able to keep it until we got to Baker Street and I worked it out we were going to Madame Tussauds. I'd never been before, but we'd talked about going. For those that don't know it's a wax museum in London and it's freaking amazing. The exhibits change a lot, so even Matt who had been before saw things he hadn't seen.

Before we got there we made a slight detour to Waterloo Station because they have a giant Marshmellow man coming out of the ground and I really wanted to see it. Here's a comparison picture.

At the museum they had whole sections dedicated to different people; sports stars, singers, historical, actors, Star Wars and my favourite Marvel. There was even a cute 4D Avengers cartoon to watch, was pretty cool.

On top of that there was a Sherlock Holmes interactive experience which was basically characters directing you from one set to another. Very good sets, but not much else. You were supposed to solve a mystery. I think I worked it out, but I think you had to know the books or at least one of the books to work it out.

And there was a train which took you through the history of London.

All in all, it was awesome. Matt sure did good on that one. However, it was only mid afternoon when we got out so we got food and wondered around London, including through Hyde Park and passed Buckingham Palace. All the while I was trying to catch Pokemon. Yes, I'm playing that too and it's addictive.

It was such a fun day with very hot weather. Next time we visit London it'll be for the London Dungeons. Can't wait.
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20 Facts about my Disney life.

I've been tagged by my friend Sel to write 20 facts about my Disney Life. Interesting task.

Growing up I was a big fan of Disney films, though the only ones I owned were Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, The Lion King and The Jungle Book. I always wanted to go to Dinseyland, but sadly had a fairly disappointing time when I first went on a school trip when I was 16. Most of that I'd blame on the company.

Sel was saying it's only been the last year or so that she's really gotten into Disneyland, which judging on how many times she's been lately is not a surprise, but I think some of that has rubbed off on me, since I never showed much interest in visiting before.

Back in January was the first time I've visited for more than a day and ever since I've had a strong desire to return. There's just something...magical about walking down Main Street, no matter what the weather or time of day, with the music serenading you.

Anyway, here are my facts.

1) I've only ever been to Disneyland Paris, but would LOVE to visit the American ones.
2) I've been to Disneyland Paris 3 times.
3) My favourite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean. Second, The Haunted Mansion.
4) I am lacking in classic cuddly Disney characters, though I do have a Mickey and a Donald.
5) If I can visit the park during any celebration it would be Halloween.
6) Small confession: I'm not a fan of the classic movies. I tried working my way through them, but I wasn't impressed with Snow White or Pinocchio.
7) My favourite Disney movie is Wreck-it-Ralph.
8) When I went to Disneyland in Jan that was the first time I'd been on any of the roller-coasters. They were both terrifying and exhilarating.
9) My favourite of the ones I tried was probably the Aerosmith Rockin' Rollercoaster.
10) My favourite thing I have ever bought at Disney was my crazy Alice in Wonderland Teapot and mug. It has three spouts!
11) The only ride I've been on every time I've been to Disneyland is...It's a Small World After All. To my shame! (But I'll probably go on it next visit too)
12) It saddens me that I don't remember a lot about my first trip, except it was really hot and my friend and I got rather bored at the end.
13) I must have been living in a bubble when the song 'Let it go' was everywhere because I barely remember hearing it and I've never gotten tired of it.
14) Kingdom Hearts if my favourite game ever. I love visiting all the Disney worlds and seeing all the characters pop up randomly.
15) When I was younger I remember the Disney Stores had all their cuddly toys piled up at the back of the store. I always wanted to dive into them. They don't have them anymore:(
16) So that everyone in our year could afford to go to Disneyland we paid a small amount every month for several months. We kept track in a little purple receipt wallet. I still have it.
17) While I've tried a good deal of the rides at DP, the one I refuse to go on is Tower of Terror. I just can't face to sudden drop.
18) I've only ever stayed in one Disney Hotel (Sequioa Lodge) but if I could stay in any would be the Disney Hotel. It's very fancy and doesn't have the same cosy feel as the Lodge, but just for one night I'd like to try it. And the park is literally at your doorstep.
19) One day I'd love to drive to Disnyeland. It'd be about the same as driving to Scotland.
20) I'm hoping to go back to DP for my birthday next year in May! *crosses fingers*

That was a struggle. I'll tag Dawnwind if she'd like to do it.
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June overview

About time I did a catch up post. A fair bit has been happening this month and I've felt like I've barely had any time to write it up.

A few weeks ago, Matt and I went along to Westonbirt Arboretum. It's not far from me and it has a walk way high up amongst the trees. When I heard about this I knew I had to check it out.

Sadly, it's not as long as I thought. It's certainly impressive and has some cool nests to climb up to, but I was hoping it spanned more area. Still, the rest of the arboretum was lovely to just walk around. The weather was nice and there were some interesting statues and areas with things made out of twigs that took our interest. We also had a map so we didn't get lost....though he did disagree at one point over where we were.

We went on a Tuesday too, so there weren't many people around. It's a place I'd happily walk around again, though there is a cost to enter.

Every year DC celebrates his birthday with a BBQ at his house. He moved house last year into his own place, so we don't have as much room as usual. However, this didn't stop us squeezing over ten people in there for a fun weekend of games and food. Not all of us stayed at the house, but there were still 4 of us sleeping in the living room.

It was such a fun weekend, we don't get together as a group often, in fact, this is the most people we're ever gotten together. It's also a good time to try out new games.
Matt (old friend Matt) taught me a game a bit like Cards Against Humanity, except you read the cards you're presented with in a strange voice or manner. It was so much fun.
Adam taught us a warewolf game where you have to guess who the warewolf is by asking questions and voting on who to hang. That too was hilarious.

On top of that there was BBQ, cake, computer games, catching up, nearly crashing into an on coming car on the way back and crashing a father's day meal.

Last but not least, Matt and I went to Weston-Super-Mare last Tuesday. It was his idea, hoping for a nice day by the seaside. Sadly he was unaware that Weston is just a beach and the tide only comes in later in the day, usually around evening time. I'm surprised he didn't know, it's pretty famous down this way. Anyway, despite that we still went.

We didn't get the nice weather we were hoping, though it didn't rain until after we left. We spent a lot of time on the pier playing games to win tickets. You needed a lot of tickets to get anything half way decent, but I didn't have the time or money, so I settled on a box of dominoes.
We also wondered around a hall of mirrors that was kinda trippy and took longer to complete a crystal maze style mirror maze than we probably should of.

We also played Crazy golf at a Pirate themed golf course. I won. Har Har!

So, it's been a fun month, interspersed with work, choir and a determination to work my way through all the Avenger's movies and TV shows. Iron Man 3 next.
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London Comic Con

Last weekend was London Comic Con (Or Expo as I will always call it) and it was probably one of the best I've attended. At least in the last few years. Though I've always maintained that even the worst have highlights and I've never had a truly horrible one.

Anyway, this year my friends and I were staying in an apartment a few stops down from the event, which was easier cramming everyone in to one hotel room like we usually do and this one allowed 4 people in...even if they didn't accommodate for 4 people. I still had to sleep on the floor on sofa cushions as my airbed has a puncture, but surprisingly, I sleep well, so I can't complain. (Also free parking as I parked up at a friends house.)
It also allowed us to spend our evenings hanging out playing games such as Codenames and Spyfall. Both highly enjoyable and frustrating.

So, as for the convention itself, Friday was the casual look around day, which is good as it's also the quietest day. I spent most of my money on this day with some earrings and 3 cuddly toys including R2D2, Jack Skelington and Groot.
I also sat in on a panel where the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison was talking about his time as The Doctor. I asked a question about how he got into the Big Finish audios. First time I'd ever got up to ask a question.

(I'm wearing the MFU t-shirt Sel got me for my birthday which I'd just received)

Saturday was important for two reasons. It was the debut of my steampunk pirate costume, which was supposed to be Airship Pirate, but it was a last minute idea and the emphasis was clearly more on the pirate then the airship, but it still worked.

The other important thing was meeting Aidan Turner!
For some reason they had the original cast of Being Human there where they attended a panel and signed autographs. Now, Aidan Turner is one of my favourite actors and I knew if I didn't meet him I would regret it forever, so I bought my ticket, queued up and fought the butterflies in my stomach. He was lovely and he liked my outfit. It was the highlight of the show. However, I do regret not getting a photo. It wouldn't have cost much more. Oh well, I have the picture which is going up on the wall.

I also attended the panel where they talked about the show and another panel with some of the cast of Agents of SHIELD. They had to be careful not to talk about spoilers as the finale of the third series hasn't aired yet...(I have seen it, but Sel and Moose hadn't) They were good and didn't spoil anything.

Sunday was the day my boyfriend came down, so I spent most of the day with him. He took pictures of my costume, we walked around, checked out a preview for The preacher and hung out with my friends at the apartment.

And Monday we came home after eating breakfast at Whetherspoons. Sel and I drove back through London together and thanks to her excellent navigating skills and the lack of bad traffic we escaped with no troubles.

In summary, it was an awesome weekend and I miss it. But I have Oct to look forwards to and I can't wait for that. I have a costume idea I've been waiting since last Oct to wear.

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